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I'm a textile artist. Working with my hands--crafting with natural fibers and wildcrafted materials--is more slow living ritual than road to an imagined finish line. Breathing life into raw material, manifesting a vision into form, connects me to something that feels sacred, ancient, and beautiful. Sharing "art as process", with other women is my passion.



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Macrame Events

I teach macramé and fiber arts classes at boutiques, studios, and universities.  Currently, all in-person events are on hold amidst the coronavirus outbreak. In the meantime, I have some amazing virtual events starting in the works, starting in September. I'll update my community once I resume indoor events. 


I collaborate with individuals, interior designers and event planners to create custom macramé pieces for homes, one-off events, and businesses. If you have an image or an idea, reach out! I'll work with you to bring your vision to life.

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Hosting an Event

Want to book a macramé event for your professional business or for an intimate in-home gathering?  Lets discuss the details.

Rewilding the Feminine

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