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30- Days to Calm, Connection, and Clarity
(through befriending/getting close to)

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Kickstart your wellness routine


Life has been hard for many in the last two years, but we don’t need to simply wait for things to one day improve or go back to “normal.” Get started on an intentional journey to pursue transformation! Spend 30 days adopting a variety of disciplines to intentionally grow and thrive in every area of your life.From Daniel NewtonI believe this will be a great time of growth, freedom, focus, and total health. This is a challenge to come back to a place of complete wholeness in Him. We are triune beings who are spirit, soul, and body. Therefore, we will be focusing on revitalizing these three aspects of our nature through daily disciplines. When compounded over time, these small disciplines will create a powerful impact in our lives and in those around us.What to ExpectThis 30-Day Challenge is designed to be a complete physical, emotional, and spiritual overhaul, restoring all of what the enemy has taken from you through stress, worry, and fear. As you focus your time and energy toward learning and practicing these daily disciplines, get ready to feel lighter, freer, and less burdened. Some of these practices will feel familiar to you, while others will be completely new. As you begin to integrate these into your daily routine, the effect on your life will be exponential. The goal of this 30-Day Reset is not small, incremental change, but a radical makeover! Now is a time for total transformation.
Now is a time to refresh, renew, and reset.

The time a caterpillar spends inside a cocoon is a time of massive transformation. It enters in with limitations, but it comes out ready to take to the skies. This is not a simple refurbishing of something old, it is a complete metamorphosis. In the same way, these next thirty days will be a time of greater internal and external transformation. As your spirit is refreshed, expect limiting beliefs and unhealthy cycles finally come to an end. As your soul is renewed, expect an increase in clear, joyful, and hope-filled thinking. As your body is reset, expect to feel more energized and full of life than you have in a long time.
Below is a list of the practices that we will be implementing. Are you ready?

Draw on the embodied rewilding method...


Embodied Rewilding™ is a methodology that promotes an alternative, more feminine approach, to living in a fast-paced, modern world and challenges the collective mindset that often urges us to aim higher, do more, and move faster. It's a rich fusion of traditional wisdom that nourishes and fuels wild, whole health~. Inhabiting the body. It's a rich fusion of traditional wisdom that nourishes and fuels wild, whole health. 

Sensing and being sensed. Yoga, breathwork, meditation, journaling, cold water therapy.

deep reunion with the things that matter most — to step away from technology, daily routines, and to-do lists towards more nourishing and meaningful experiences that truly feed our souls.


Draw on the embodied rewilding method...

If you are feeling stressed, burned out and out of balance, one of the most effective ways to take back control and push the reset button is through SELF-CARE.

Nature-Connected Living is our live, introductory course to learning how to effectively create daily nature-connection practices and a stronger connection to the planet, to your vision in life and with the people around you. This course is designed to set the foundation for the tools and techniques that we teach in our year-long professional training in Nature-Connected Coaching℠. 

The course is built for people that are curious about what it truly means to live a life in congruence with nature and the natural world. With the fast-paced lifestyle that society embodies today, this course is your opportunity to learn how to move at the speed of nature so that you can learn to live in harmony with nature and with yourself. Your vision is within you, we are here to empower you to connect with nature to create that vision into a reality. Here you will get direct instruction with skills, and start applying the concepts to your life and work right away.

Next Sessions to begin on April 15th, 2021

This is a great low-risk way to get started down the path as a Nature-Connected Coach.

This is a live, 6 week training that meets for 2 hours at a time through video conferencing. The focus is on deepening your own connection to nature and how that applies to work with others. In other words, your experience with the exercises will provide an applicable understanding of coaching competencies and skills.  This is an experiential training that will require a few hours of practice in between sessions.

Course Overview

Nature-Connected Living is our introductory course to:

  • Creating simple daily nature-connection practices that will assist in creating a healthy and wholesome path in your personal relationships and your career.

  • Understanding how your time spent with nature can help you with creating greater peace and harmony in your personal and professional life.

  • Creating stronger relationships with nature, the planet and with people around you.

  • Learning how to slow down your mind and your habits to a more healthy pace as nature has always been showing us.

  • Experiencing what nature-connection truly means and how to transform your life to embody nature-connection in all areas of your life.

  • Empowering your own deep listening skills to yourself, to others and to nature in order to create a greater attunement to the baseline and frequency of your surroundings.

  • This course utilizes the EBI “50/50 plan” as a facilitation concept that reminds the student to look to nature for insight, reflection, and direction in their personal life.

  • This course serves as an introduction to our ICF Certified Nature-Connected Coaching program and Transformational Wilderness Guiding certification programs offered by EBI.

  • You are not required to enroll in the full NCC training program and there are no additional costs for materials or books. We will share additional reading material and resources to empower your journey in this course, but they are not required for completion of this course.

  • This training meets 3 objectives:

    • “Try before you commit” to the full certification program.

    • Start now, even if you’re registered to start the full certification at a later date. 

    • Provides you with tools and skills in using your experience in nature to amplify your personal and professional vision.


Meetings are 2 hours long, weekly for 6 weeks through Zoom. This results in 12 hours of live instruction.

  1. Part One: Understanding Your Connection to Nature

  2. Part Two: How To Bring Nature as your Co-Guide

  3. Part Three: Maintaining Your Connection With Nature

  • The video conferences are where course facilitators will provide instruction, answer questions, and provide assignments.

  • Recordings of the sessions will be available to registered students. If you are unable to participate live, you can still watch the recordings and complete the program. 

  • You will have a few hours of experiential homework in between sessions as well as participation in an online discussion with your cohort.

  • Once registered you will receive login credentials for the EBI classroom and orientation video to help you get set up.

Schedule of Live Sessions Thursdays, 4:30 – 6:30pm MDT


​In this modern world, many of us find ourselves with insufficient human contact, except via digital screens. While video calls and conferencing may give us some semblance of connection, there is plenty of research showing that too much screen time is linked with depression, poor health and increased mortality. I don’t know about you, but I also find too much screen time gives me eye strain, back ache, a feeling in my nervous system of being ‘wired’ and buzzing in my ears, not to mention feelings of frustration and irritation at times. 


Time connecting with nature, on the other hand, is the perfect antidote for all of this. It soothes, calms and comforts us. 

​What can Nature-connection do for me?


There’s a wealth of academic research evidence showing that nature has hugely positive benefits on our health and well-being. Being in a natural environment reduces stress and soothes our body chemistry, affecting not only our mood, but also our endocrine, nervous and immune systems.  It lowers our blood pressure, heart rate and muscular tension and reduces the production of stress hormones. Some public health researchers have claimed that it may reduce mortality rates.

Research done in public settings like hospitals, schools and workplaces has found that even a simple plant in a room can have a significant  positive impact on stress, anxiety and the recovery process. Other research studies suggest that nature inspires feelings that connect us with one another, as well as our environment.

This 30 Days of Loving Nature course is designed for you whether you live in a city, town or in countryside, whether or not you have a garden, and whether or not you can go outdoors.

Deepening our connection with Nature soothes, heals, restores and connects us. 

This course is for you if you feel at all anxious, stressed, depressed, or perhaps isolated and lonely

It's for you if you're fed up with so much screen time and want to develop a healthier routine

It’s for you if you’re longing for more relaxation, calm and a feeling of connection, or belonging

And it's for you if you'd simply love to deepen your connection with the natural world


Especially for those of us who have limited physical human contact, connecting with nature can fulfill a deep human need for connection. When we can go outside, making contact with the earth, sitting beneath a tree, or next to a body of water literally soothes and steadies our nervous system in the same way that a long human hug does.


Deepening your connection with nature aligns you with the ultimate source of well-being, enriching and enlivening your journey through life.

Why shouldn't I just go outside, why do I need a 30 Day programme?


The most important reason for a 30-Day programme, or journey, is that in order to develop a new habit or routine, you need repetition. Deep connection and alignment with nature rarely happens all by itself. To receive the full benefits, this connection must be consciously created with guidance and encouragement from me (and others) and commitment (from you). 


By the end of the 30 Days, you will have developed a depth of connection with nature that you’re unlikely to have experienced before. The participants in my first run of this course included several forest school leaders and life-long lovers of nature. And even they told me they found the course gave them some new insights, practices and routines that enhanced their love and connection with nature.



​Features of this 30-day journey:


  • You’ll explore your own innocent loving nature and the gifts of your ancestors.

  • You’ll develop a Sit-spot practice that will underpin the whole journey.

  • You’ll look into nature as your Mirror.

  • You’ll develop a nature-connected gratitude or thanksgiving practice.

  • You’ll spend time tuning into each of your senses, including your inner felt-sense, allowing these to be your guidance system for your connection with nature.

  • You’ll learn about the origins of thanksgiving and explore gratitude as a practice for deepening your nature connection.

  • You’ll explore the four elements of nature and the western wisdom traditions.

  • You’ll then connect more deeply with different beings associated with the four elements, while weaving in some other tools for deepening nature connection: art, poetry, photography, making offerings and research. 

  • You’ll explore your sense of all-oneness, being an inseparable part of the living system of Gaia.

  • You’ll take a glimpse into working with inner/outer archetypal landscapes.

  • And you’ll end the journey by giving back to our Earth, creating an outdoor mandala altar, as well as bringing a Nature gratitude practice into your home.

  • The course is hosted on an easy to use learning platform where you can work through it at your own pace and will have access to all of the materials and practices for life. 


Who this is for?


  • Nature lovers who want to deepen their connection with the natural world

  • You- if you know you need to get out more often and would benefit from encouragement to do so

  • You- if you’re curious to experience all the benefits that a deepening connection with nature can bring

  • You- if you’re willing to spend up to half an hour a day for, 30 Days, reading the session materials and trying the practices (in or near your own home)

  • You- if you’d love to experience the soothing, solace and support that nature has to offer, wherever you are

​Who isn’t this for?


If you can’t commit to a 30 day exploration (which could, by the way, be done at your own pace, over 60, or 90, or more days, if you prefer)  then you might prefer to try one of my occasional 5-day taster challenges. If so, please drop me a line and I’ll let you know when this is next available.


If you’re looking for one-to-one guidance or support then this programme may not be for you as the support happens through a group discussion forum (with regular input from me). If one-to-one is really what you’re looking for then please get in touch. I’m happy to offer you a complimentary nature-inspired coaching session, so you can experience it for yourself before committing to working with me.

I’ve coached people of different backgrounds, ages and nationalities, and something I hear again and again is that they’re at a crossroads, or transition point, with what they want to offer in the world. They tell me they want to live more authentically, in closer alignment with what they love in life, which includes caring for the natural world. 


Some clients have told me they want to find their calling, or purpose, which may be their own way of helping people connect with nature more deeply. But, although they have a strong feeling about what they’d love to do, they’re not sure how best to go about it. They don’t know exactly what it might look like, or how they’ll sustain themselves as they make the transition from their current situation. This is true of people across the generations, from young people to those already in retirement, who feel they have much more yet to give.


Here’s how it works: (RW)

  • We'll meet for 2-hours once a week for 5 consecutive weeks on Zoom. (RW)


  • This recorded class will include weekly teachings, small group reflections and embodied mindfulness practices including movement and guided meditations.


  • You’ll receive recorded weekly practices and recommendations as well as journal and nature prompts and additional resources. These, as well as the recorded class will be available to you indefinitely.


  • You’ll connect with a small group of students and an accountability partner (unless you choose to decline) to support you in staying on track.


  • You’ll have access to me via email and quick phone or zoom chats throughout the 30 days should you have questions or need additional support.


  • If you’d like to pair the course with yoga therapy or mindfulness mentoring, you’ll also have access to discounted one-on-one sessions.


  • You'll have free access to a Your Yoga membership for the duration of the course should you want to take additional yoga and meditation classes.


to find joy in the little things

Mindfulness is a practical skill and a habit, rather than a theory. Getting real lasting benefit requires the commitment of regular time and effort. It is similar to getting physically fit – you need to practice regularly to train your ‘mental muscle’. 

To get the most from the course we recommend you commit to attend all sessions and carry out the suggested home practice, which is a gentle but regular daily discipline of various meditation and nature awareness practices, with the help of guidance from audio files. As best you can, we recommend trying to set aside 30 minutes a day for home practice. 

You will receive plenty of support for this, including how to fit it into your life.  It may seem a stretch at first, but once the habit starts to be established, most people find it invaluable and highly beneficial.

Image by Julia Peretiatko

What you'll learn

  • Mindfulness and nature connection practices and skills to help manage stress and enhance well-being

  • How to build personal resilience and an increased ability to cope with difficult and stressful situations

  • A set of skills to help you be steadier with whatever is happening, without resisting it or judging it as good or bad

  • Self-compassion and being kinder to yourself

  • How to apply mindfulness to your daily life after the course has been completed

Frequently asked questions



If you don't find all of your questions answered here, don't hesitate to send me an email.

Do I have to attend the weekly zoom classes?


All zoom classes will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience. That said, I recommend that you come to as many classes as you can. Part of what makes this course so special is the time allotted to connect with other students, particularly your accountability partner should you choose to work with one. Breakout rooms to reflect and share will be a part of the live class. If you aren't able to attend, I'll recommend that you stop the video and spend some time with self-reflection journal prompts.

I'm spending so much time online these days. How much time will I actually be at my computer?


Very little! We'll have a very interactive class on Tuesdays and I'll offer ways to feel more connected than the typical zoom meeting. Each week you'll receive a new set of practices, tools and resources to work with but this won't require a lot of computer time. This course is about building mindfulness and incorporating helpful practices into your day.

I've never practiced meditation or yoga before. Can I do this?


Absolutely. This course is for the beginning student as well as the seasoned practitioner.

How much time do I need to set aside each day?


I recommend 15-20 minutes per day for guided meditations and a few pauses built into your day to check in. I'll also offer journal prompts and suggestions to spend time in nature and move your body that you can explore at your own pace. 

I'm a mental health/wellness professional. Will this course give me new skills to support my students and clients?


YES! You will definitely learn skills and techniques to help your clients regulate their nervous systems. If you'd like to talk about how this course might fit with your professional development needs, send me an email. Adding-on a professional mentoring component to this course may be a great option for you.

Is there any additional support available if I need individual support?


Yes! You are welcome to email me with questions throughout the course. If it would be helpful to set up a quick phone or video call, that's fine too. If you find you need additional individual support, you can purchase discounted mindfulness mentoring or yoga therapy sessions.

Is there a payment plan and or scholarships?


Yes and yes. You can pay 1/2 now and 1/2 in a month. And I do have a few scholarships available so please reach out if the cost is what's holding you back from signing up.



let's talk


The Mindful-In-Nature course is not intended as an alternative to clinical treatment and we offer our courses as an aid to recovery, well-being and helping to prevent relapse. We recommend that participants are in a relatively stable period of mental well-being in order to get the most out of the course.

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