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Somatic Yoga

As an artist, I live my life inside a creative process, forever dancing in the inquiry between the inner and the outer, the unconscious and conscious. I live for "the felt experience", am sensual in my approach to life and an insatiable seeker of spaces to embody my aliveness. This deep curiosity and sense of wonder naturally shape my personal yoga practice and inform the teachings I share with others.

Long before I knew there was a word to describe what I was experiencing on my yoga mat, and the life I was creating for myself because of the years I spent upon it, I landed in the world of SOMATICS.  Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement which studies the soma: namely, “the body as perceived from within.” These practices bring one into deep relationship with the mystery and intelligence of their inner most being, cultivating a grounded awareness with themselves and their world. 

My highest aspiration as a guide + movement facilitator is to open a door for you to develop an intimacy with life and a deep trust in your own capacity for direct knowing. I wish you liberation to feel what you know in your bones. teach effective ways of “being” with experience and deep listening, rather than "doing" yoga. This reorients our systems & weaves us back into reciprocal relationship with the living world.


This is an ancient remembering that is neither esoteric nor shamanic, but rather, profoundly human.

And it is where true healing begins.

If I had to label what I teach, I would say it's an integrative blend of Hatha Tantra Yoga, Somatics, Flow Psychology, and Movement Meditation. I've been blessed with many great teachers, but my deepest teachings come from the direct experience of my dedication to my practice for two decades.

I currently teach Restorative Yoga, Hatha Flow Yoga, Slow Flow, and Prenatal Yoga; along with Breathwork and Meditation.


PRIVATE Sessions

efining your practice.

Our work together always begins with a heart-to-heart conversation.  Private instruction is custom-tailored after an assessment and a plan that speaks to all of us. Sessions are offered both one-on-one and semi-privately to various sized groups in person or via virtual connection. I look forward to guiding you to move with greater awareness, pleasure, ease, and clarity.


Sessions begin at $90 per hour.


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