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Embodied Rewilding™

50-hour Yoga and Breathwork Training

Embodied Rewilding™ is a methodology that promotes an alternative, more feminine approach, to living in a fast-paced, modern world and challenges the collective mindset that often urges us to aim higher, do more, and move faster. It's a rich fusion of traditional wisdom that nourishes and fuels wild, whole health with deep rest and self-inqiury. 

This 50-hour immersion will teach new ways of inhabiting the body and mind, offering a fresh lens--combining ecosomatics, mindfulness, and rewilding-- for the facilitation of your wellness offerings.


15-hour Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a powerful medicine. This 15-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training was born from a desire to inspire connected living ~ with ourselves, each other, and nature's rhythms. To offer yoga as a slow living ritual that allow practitioners to land, with calm and ease, in the present moment of their lives. Receptive in nature, it calls for us to take it slow and live deliberately, so the mind and body can “power down”. It prioritizes stillness and support--incorporating props such as yoga blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps--to create the most optimal conditions for deep rest, true relaxation, and tension release.


This comprehensive course is intended for all seekers and facilitators of  living mindfully~yoga teachers and wellness professionals wanting to acquire new tools to add to their healing repertoire, as well as any yoga student with a desire to deepen their understanding of this effective, rejuvenative system. It will answer both the “how” and “ why” of restorative yoga, highlighting how it can be incorporated as an effective stand alone practice or integrated as a compliment to others. We’ll look at the the ways it balances both the nervous and energetic systems, has the potential to alleviate pain, boosts the immune system, and improves mental health. 



Topics Include:

Overview of Restorative Yoga Theory

Relaxation and the Stress Response 

The Vagus Nerve + Polyvagal Theory

The Psoas Connection 

Prana and Energetic Anatomy 

Yogic Breathing and Pranayama techniques

Key restorative poses to support holistic wellness + deep rest

Getting Comfortable and Creative with Yoga Props 

Restorative Yoga Sequencing 

Weaving Restorative Postures into Hatha/Vinyasa Classes

Holding Sacred Space for ourselves and students

Mindful touch and non-verbal communication

Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Application


Course Includes:

Daily Restorative Yoga Session

Lecture, Hand-On Assisting/Partnering, Teaching Practice

Course Manual 

This YACEP course is eligible for CE hours with Yoga Alliance


Want an introduction?

Restorative Yoga Fundamentals

This 5-hour training is a perfect introduction to the essentials of Restorative Yoga and offers the clarity required to facilitate a true restorative yoga “experience”. Participants will learn the fundamentals of what makes this style of yoga a unique and effective modalilty for releasing mind-body tension, and they will gain hands-on, practical experience in utilizing yoga props (blocks, blankets, bolsters, sandbags, straps, eye pillows) to create the ultimate conditions for deep rest.


Course topics:

Foundational Restorative Yoga Theory - Relaxation and the Stress Response -Yogic Breathing and the Autonomic Nervous System- Key Elements of Restorative Yoga Pose Set-up - Holding Space as a Restorative Teacher - Mindful touch and Non-verbal communication


This program is suitable for yoga teachers, bodyworkers, health professionals, and all students wanting to deepen their understanding of Restorative Yoga. 

Embodied Breath

15-hourBreathwork Facilitator Training

Somatic Breathwork is a meditative practice designed to consciously work with the breath in order to support our health from the deep well of wisdom inside your body. Through gentle “coaching”  clients are guided to observe and re-pattern the breath consciously to regulate the nervous system and settle the active mind. This increases one's receptivity to both their inner and outer landscape. It is a process of turning inward to stabilize the inner realm, so we can reconnect to (and fully engage with) the world around us. 

Image by Conscious Design


Embodied Breath is a foundational training for professionals interested in integrating breathwork into an existing practice, as well as a personal springboard for those simply seeking am experiential deep dive.  Through hands-on learning and daily breathwork journeys, you'll  deepen your understanding of this powerful modality--developing confidence and cultivating the skills necessary to guide and support others as they access the healing power of breathwork.


The term breathwork encompasses a wide variety of practices release stored emotions, rebalance their nervous systems, and heal old patterns in their lives I draw on my decades-long experience as a yoga teacher to offer a receptive, yin approach to  breathwork that is rooted in meditation, pranayama and traditional earth-based wisdom. It's designed to free the natural, inherent breath in the body and move practitioners into a state of presence, equilibrium, and resilience.

Topics include:

Embodied Breath Philosophy 

History and Styles of Breathwork

Understanding Breath, Prana, and the Nervous System

The Vagus Nerve + Diaphragm Connection 

The Psoas in Somatic Practice

Yogic Breathing and Pranayama techniques

Receiving as the Healer and Holding Space for Others

Guidelines for facilitating one-on-one and Group Sessions

Getting Comfortable Positioning and Props  

Weaving Breathwork into Existing Practice

Mindful touch and non-verbal communication

Effective Voice, Language and Script Writing

Guiding Deep Listening and the Power of Inquiry

Grounding and Clearing Post-Practice


This YACEP course is eligible for CE hours with Yoga Alliance

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