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Gather with us virtually once per week, for an evening of feminine story-telling and sharing. If your craving real talk, grown up conversations, burning questions, creative envisioning, juicy details, open-hearted truth, and explorations of a woman's wildest words...you've found the right door.


We begin September 22 @ 7:15pm ET


Women's Writing Circle 

I believe in the power of telling our story. Writing is medicine for the feminine spirit, both a way in and through, connecting us to who we are at heart and what we desire from our lives. When we lean into the strength of community and write together, a women unearths a wellspring of wisdom that she is able to reclaim for her wellbeing.  

WILD VOICES isn't just a place to weave some magic into the mundane or fill our cups with the depth we often crave, but don't often receive, in this fast-paced modern world.  It's a way of honoring the lives of all women--the sacredness of our feminine nature and the lineage of strong women who walked tireless journeys for each of us to be here. By creating a ritual circle of writing and storytelling, we tap into the mysteries and uniqueness of womanhood. We resurrect our intuition, power, grace, sensuality and creativity for the women who'll follow in our footsteps.

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Angela has a way of getting you to tap into your natural spring of creativity and flowing from a deep place within. Personally, I felt I hadn’t written so freely in ages and damn did it feel good to flow in that space of wild femininity!


It seemed to unlock something inside of me and reignite an energy that had been lying dormant. I witnessed this in others too and it was so inspiring to see. She holds potent space for women. I’m so thankful I said yes because I still feel I’m flowing from that wild place we tapped into.

Kind Words

- Geri


"I remember how, again and again, we sat in the holy silence that descends when writing touches that place deep inside and marks us forever" -Judy Reeves 

Our work together is based on the teachings of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her classic WomenWho Run With the Wolves and the evocative writing of author Judy Reeves, in her beautiful book Wild Women, Wild Voices. This journey walks us through the chapters of our lives, from girlhood to womanhood, celebrating and reawakening our wild nature. Purchase books here:


This 8-week circle  is held every Thursday at 7:15pm ET. This is a space for ALL women who want to explore the writing as a portal of power--from seasoned writers to those who've never put pencil to paper. The only prerequisite for WILD VOICES is a desire to write stories from the heart. It's designed so participants are able to direct their own level of involvement. To create a container of support, all women are asked to commit to and prioritize our once-weekly sessions. These 2-hour circles will include grounding nature-based meditations/visualizations, creative journaling prompts, and optional community sharing.  

Each week, you'll receive an email that will contain a guided meditation and optional journal prompts to support our weekly theme. I highly encourage daily "morning pages", 10-15 minutes of writing each morning, at the very start of the day. These can be used as a free-writing session or an exploration of the prompts. 

At the close of our circle, women are invited to submit 1-2 pieces of writing that they've created during our time together, to be added to a Chapbook~a small publication that includes a collection of our group writings. Each writer, whether submitting or not (always optional), will receive a copy, as a momento from our journey. 



Session Topics

Opening Circle 

(Journey Map + Claiming Wild Woman) 

Wild Child, Wild Girl 

(Initiation and Forgetting)

Body Writing 

(Voice of the Senses)

Loves and Lovers 

(Journey Into the Heart)

Friends and Companions 

(Finding Your Tribe)


(Authentic Expressions of Wild Woman)

Life Journeys 

(Adventures, Explorations, Quests)

Dreams and Synchronicity

(Intuition of Wild Women)

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This option is for you if you'd like more independence and would like to follow your own flow. 


  • 8 Thursday sessions

  • Weekly email with optional daily journaling prompts

  • Private WILD VOICES Facebook group 




This option is for women who'd like the benefit of additional 1-on-1 time to either deepen their writing or 

share their writing more intimately. 


  • 8 Thursday sessions

  • Weekly email with recap &  journaling prompts

  • Private WILD VOICES Facebook group

  • Weekly 1-Hour Writing Support/Share Session with Angela 



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