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Wild Voices is a space to honor the lives of all women--the sacredness of our own feminine nature and the lineage of strong women who've walked tireless journeys for each of us to be here.

By creating a ritual circle of intuitive writing and storytelling, a place to dive deep into the mysteries womanhood, we resurrect our most authentic expression, not only for ourselves, but for the women who'll follow in our footsteps.


We journey through the chapters of our lives, with a different theme each Full Moon, exploring the stories we were told and messages we received about living as natural women—about our wildness, desire for freedom, longing for connection, instinctual drives, creativity and sensuality. 


2023 DATES (6-8pm ET):

Jan 6, Feb 5, March 7, April 6, May 5, Jun 3, July 3, Aug 1, Aug 30, Sept 29, Oct 28, Nov 27, Dec 26



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The Well: Writing & Breathwork

Sundays are for cruising in the slow lane~a time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Join me once a month on the Sunday just before the New Moon to ease out of weekend and fill your cup. We'll enjoy a short, unhurried soul chat over something warm, before sharing a 30-min Somatic Breathwork Journey. The last half of  our circle will be for a prompted, intuitive journaling session to guide you with intention and purpose towards your next moon cycle. 


2023 Dates (9-10:30am ET):

Jan 22, Feb 19, March 19, April 23, May 21, June 18, July 16, Aug 13, Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 10





Join me on Instagram​ for a private WOMEN'S ONLY space, a writing + storytelling platform where we feel safe to write fully expressed.  Where we don't need to tame it down or censor our art for the eyes on the other side. Where we can weave magic with our words and write in a way that leaves a mark. Raw, honest writing that BURNS. A place where we can share our truths and allow ourselves to be seen without unwanted attention. A place to Unearth what we hold deep inside, to uncover the women we are.

I'll be sharing my deepest writing there. I'll be sharing the work of other inspiring women writers. And, periodically, sharing  writing from other women in our group, with permission. Come to write or simply bear witness.  This space will come to life in the New Year?


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