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Join us at Mainline Therapeutic, with writer and wellness teacher Angela Boltz, for Writual: Circling Through the Seasons, a seasonal living gathering for women. You're invited to join us throughout the wheel of the year for 8 in-person circles, on solstices, equinoxes, and cross-quarter days to align your personal rhythm with the cycles of nature & remember ways of befriending ourselves during each unique time of year.


Whether you choose to enjoy a single session or meet with us each season, you'll feel the benefit and blessings of weaving yourself back into a collaborative unfolding with life, well beyond our time together.


SUNDAY MAY 5, 4-6pm

This next gathering will honor the celestial energy of BELTANE and the return of our wholeness with the theme of SENSUALITY. We'll center ourselves with a gentle breathwork session and visualization, to move each of us from our head into our heart, which is the core of our most profound inner knowing. Guided journal prompts will inspire a reflective sharing over tea, to prepare us for the creation of a personal journey map to guide us for the next 6 weeks and creating incremental shifts in our daily, monthly, & seasonal rhythms.

All women are welcome to this enriching experience. Please bring a pen, some paper, and a yoga mat, if you have one.

“Writing is medicine for the feminine spirit, a portal of power that connects us to who we are at heart. When we come together and write within a community of woman, each of us unearths a wellspring of wisdom we’re able to reclaim for our own wellbeing.




It would be an honor to have you in our circle.

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