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Soulful living is at the center of everything I create.

I'm talking the kind of living that connects a woman with the root of her well-being, feeds her spirit with wild inspiration, and provides her with essential nourishment on her womanhood journey.

"Angela’s voice, presence and teachings radiate so much truth, peace and love that it’s such a special treat for my soul to arrive in every session she leads. There is only a handful of teachers out there who teach so genuinely, so passionately and from a space of love. She is without a doubt one of them.’’ ~Ruth Obando


My work is woman + wellness centered. 

Our feminine desires for the slow, sensual, and soulful (so often buried beneath duty and to-do lists) are both relevant and essential to our well-being. As modern women, we've been cultured away from connection--to ourselves, each other, and to the world around us. 


I create spaces that bring the lives of women back into balance and encourage a more mindful, scenic route as we journey.




I'm taking a small group of women with me to a private coastal villa, in one of the only Blue Zones on the planet--where the jungle meets the sea--for a week of deep soul nourishment. 

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