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Unearthing a  truer, wilder, more holistic way of life.

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Our lives are a reflection of our inner landscape. It is painted by our thoughts, feelings, intentions and aspirations. We are the artists and the canvas all at once, created as we create ourselves, in a never-ending journey of becoming. The more receptive we are to who we are at heart, the closer we walk to the potential of expressing what is alive within us.

Seeking this deeper connection is neither esoteric nor shamanic, but rather, and ancient remembering that profoundly (and beautifully) human.


My highest aspiration as a guide is to open a door for you to develop this intimacy with your life~to ground into a deep, unwavering, trust in your own capacity for direct knowing and liberation to feel what you know in your bones. I like to believe that together we develop your sense of self-agency, reset your inner compass, & weave you back into a collaborative relationship with life. Exploring the intersection between what each of us knows and what might still be left to discover is the driving force behind my professional practice.


I invite you to join me in this creative process of unearthing a truer, wilder, more holistic way of life.

Let's sieve through the rich soil of lives together...


holding tenderly onto only what matters most.  


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Ways We Can Work Together

The heart of my work is providing tools for deep rest and creating spaces for women to explore living deeply rooted in connection to themselves, each other, and the rhythm of life. Like the breath, our lives are an ebb and flow, and inhale and exhale. Firstly, we rebalance ourselves. Then, we offer our gifts to the world.  

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