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Perspectives for transformation.
Practices for life.

I'd like to invite you on a wild adventure. A rebellion against the ordinary.

Let's talk Belonging. Connection. Truth. Sacred Responsibility. Nurturing our own unique piece to the whole by filling our cups until they’re overflowing. Advocating for our passions. Unpacking the beauty of our wild feminine nature.

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Hello, I'm Angela


I’m a writer, artist, educator, speaker, and event producer, specializing in women's natural health + wellness. More than that, I'm a woman~navigating the landscape of a full modern life, while looking for ways to give voice to the deep longing I feel for feminine wisdom, creative expression, and real sense of belonging.

The heart of my work is born from a desire to hold space for women who, just like me, have been cultured away from connection--to themselves, each other, and to the world around them. To serve as a reminder that our feminine desires for the slow, sensual, and soulful (so often buried beneath duty and to-do lists) are both relevant and essential to our well-being. 


Rewilding the Feminine is my gift to you. A collection of practical + powerful offerings created from my own explorations in living wildly aligned. May they serve as a doorway to fulfillment, self-love, and service, as they have for me. 


Every woman needs an embracing, supportive space where she can remember herself.

Where she can prioritize her well-being.  Plug back into her power.  Rest, replenish, and rejuvenate before circling back to the people and places that need so much of her.


Sisters, I’ve got you. 

Wild Voices

Women's Writing Circle

Online Spring Series begins March 24!

Dive deep into your creative process and adventure through the chapters of your life, with pencil in hand, in this 12-week online women’s writing circle. We’ll gather weekly to write our wild hearts out, tell our feminine stories, and rise together in empowered sisterhood.


In the heart of every woman, is a desire to give voice to her inner wild... 

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Monthly Membership

 When we prioritize the health of our mothers, we offer medicine to the world.The health of our families, communities, and planet depends up the health of our mothers.  Medicine for the whole world. 


Gather with us virtually one per month for an evening of story and myth.real talk, grown up conversations, burning questions, creative vision, open-hearted truth, and explorations about what it means to step fully into your feminine story..