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"I teach effective ways of 'being' with experience and deep listening, rather than 'doing' yoga or aligning with my truth. ~Angela

to ourselves and theEarth

Refining our Connection

The human body is not separate from the natural world. We are inherently woven into its symphony of rhythms and relationships. The key to living an embodied, connected life is to be grounded in the present moment and  in deep communication with our environment.  One way we tend to our well-being is by engaging in practices that support our nervous systems, widening our capacity for vitality, resilience, and connection.

The root of my mind-body teaching is Somatic Mindfulness, sometimes referred to as interoception, which cultivates deep compassion and insight. Through compassionate witnessing and perceiving the body from within, we promote nervous system regulation and true presence.  All aspects of our lives are positively influenced when we are awake, attentive, and responsive.

Two of my most popular private session requests:

Signature Deep Rest

Deep Rest is a grounding practice that combines the healing benefits of restorative yoga, therapeutic assisted stretching, and gentle somatic breathwork so clients can land in the present moment with calm and ease. I create a nourishing environment that prioritizes stillness and support--incorporating props such as yoga blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps--to create the most optimal conditions for deep rest, tension release, and true relaxation. This promotes nervous system regulation and  allows space for true healing—often improving sleep, digestion, focus, and a general sense of well being.

I recommend these sessions for space holders and caregivers of all kinds, as well as clients who are over-worked, over-scheduled, over-stimulated and struggling with slowing down.

Embodied Breathwork

Embodied Breathwork is a meditative practice that consciously works with the breath to promote self-awareness and unwind tension patterns in the physical, mental, and emotional body. The foundation of each session is similar to Deep Rest, with restorative yoga propping and gentle stretching, yet I draw on a wider variety of breathing practices to support holistic wellbeing for clients. I offer a Yin style of breathwork—a restorative and rhythmic 3-part breathing technique—with breath retention and baseline breathing pattern explorations as our sessions progress. In addition to deep relaxation and deep somatic release, this process of conscious connected breathing can produce deeper states of consciousness in which profound clarity, insight and inner wisdom can be achieved.

I recommend these sessions for clients wanting to develop reliable tools for managing chronic and acute stress, as well as those wanting to reclaim vital energy and explore the power of
breath meditation.



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Booking Private Sessions

I teach yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Our work together always begins with a heart-to-heart conversation and a custom-tailored plan. Sessions are offered both one-on-one and semi-privately to various sized groups in person or via virtual connection. I look forward to guiding you to move and breath with greater awareness, pleasure, ease, and clarity.


Sessions begin at $90 per hour.

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