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I'm Angela

I’m a mother, writer, artist, educator, speaker, and event producer. More than that, I'm a wild-hearted woman navigating the landscape of a full modern life--while looking for ways to give voice to the deep longing I feel for feminine wisdom, creative expression, and real sense of belonging. 

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My story

I've spent the last 20 years teaching yoga, meditation, and holistic living. Ten of those years, I was living internationally and traveling the world as a teacher's teacher, educating others on how to facilitate deep experiences of the body and mind. 


This is a path that has given me access to the depth of my own heart, fortified my belief in the intrinsic goodness of life, and taught me that connection---to myself, to others, and to nature--is the foundation of a living well. It has allowed me to live my ultimate dream of service, adventure, and personal freedom. And for many years, it was a source of true fulfillment and all I could have ever wanted.

Over time my work has become woman + wellness- centered; born from a desire to hold space for women who, just like me, have been cultured away from the deepest parts of themselves. I want everything I create to serve as a reminder that our feminine desires for the slow, sensual, and soulful (so often buried beneath duty and to-do lists) are both relevant and essential to both our well-being.

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